either the clinic is haunted or we’re grade A idiots

7 Mar

This is my new blog where I will write about doing my Master’s thesis project (or just regular project…we shall see) and the ridiculous business that happens to me as a direct result of my pursuance of a degree in speech-language pathology. And you’ll probably get to read about other stuff I like too. But mostly this is about my metamorphosis from student to CCC-SLP.


Last Thursday I had my first exam in Motor Speech Disorders and as such spent most of Wednesday frantically putting together a study guide. Five other girls and myself cooped ourselves up in the clinic until well past 11 PM studying and we got a little spooked. For those of you who have never stepped foot in a University speech-language-hearing clinic you should know that often they are labyrinth-like and there are many doors and hallways and after about seven they lock you in and turn off the lights…

…dun dun dun dunnnn.

After sitting and studying we decided to go for a jog around the clinic and we didn’t notice anything fishy going on. Then someone decided they needed to pee and went in the hall where we heard a screeching and running. One of the professor’s doors was unlocked, open, and the light was on and shining eerily into the darkness. GREAT. THAT IS JUST GREAT.

Did one of us have a key? Nope. Was the professor in the building at 11 PM on a Wednesday night? Unlikely. IS THE CLINIC HAUNTED? PROBABLY.

So we creep down to the office, of course screaming and grabbing each other and some doof was going “woooooo WOoOOOOO” as we got closer and we’re trying to decide if we should utilize the panic button (we didn’t…we’d clearly rather be brutally murdered by a clinic-stalking psychopath than be embarrassed about unnecessarily using the panic button).

Anyway, after much deliberation we look in the office. Nothing. No one was in there. What. The. Heck.

After we sufficiently scared ourselves we packed up and got the heck out of there. You know when you’re freaked out and the closer you get to being away from your source of terror the jumpier you get? Yeah. That. We came frantically running out of the clinic like a bat out of hell and ran directly into the janitor. The following is our conversation with said janitor:



“Did SOMEONE go in there?”



“Guy who unlocks the front office door so I can clean.”

“OH HOLY JESUS THANK YOU. We thought it was haunted.”

“Well. Nobody is saying it isn’t.”

…not cool Janitor. NOT COOL.


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