for the chitlins

11 Mar

It’s that time of year. When grad schools send out their letters of acceptance or DENIAL. I just want to say to all the SLP students in the world that: it doesn’t matter where you go.

Yes, we all want to go to the school of our dreams. And of course you don’t want to go to some shit-hole. Why would you apply to a shit-hole in the first place? I’m not sure.

But frankly, a program for speech-path is a program for speech-path. The resources the programs have might be different but the courses in and of themselves ARE THE SAME. ASHA mandates the course load for every accredited program. So whether you go to the state school that nobody in their right mind actually wants to go to, or you go to the school that costs $40,000 a year that EVERYONE wants to go to – it’s all the same.

This isn’t law school. There isn’t some crazy hierarchy or tier of speech-path programs. SLPs are in such high demand that I promise to you, NAY, I SWEAR to you that regardless of where you went to grad school you WILL find a job that you LIKE.

Don’t take the US News Rankings seriously because guess what? Those aren’t based on anything useful. There is no real ranking of speech-path schools. You want to know why University of Iowa is number one? Let me tell you:


Now you tell me, how many speech-path students do you know who LOVE research? How many are planning a career in research? Not many. Most of the students I know are planning on working as clinicians. So why would you want to go to University of Iowa? You wouldn’t UNLESS you want to do research. See what I’m getting at here? Top ranked schools = Top schools for research. Top ranked schools ≠ top schools for clinical training.

So breathe a little. Wherever you get in will suffice. Cry about it if you don’t get into your number one choice but then try to get a little perspective. Visit your programs and go to the one that (a) offers you money and (b) suits your interests and goals the best. Don’t go to a school that says most of their clinic clientele is young children if you want to work with adults.

Also on the money front – most of the time schools won’t tell you if you got a GA until you accept (unless you are AWESOME like some of my friends are. But if you’re just a normal student, like me, don’t hold your breath.) Some places you can harass into giving you money via bribery (i.e. “I can’t go to your school unless I get in-state tuition” or “I can’t accept unless you can offer me money because U of WHATEVER offered me $xxx).

If you get into NOWHERE. Work for a year as a speech implementer but seriously, don’t do that forever because speech-implementers who don’t plan on continuing their education will be the death of SLPs. I’ll post about that later.

Do what you gotta do. AND CHILL THE HECK OUT.


2 Responses to “for the chitlins”


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