so hard

14 Mar

Right now I’m trying to come up with a list of words to practice with a CAS kiddo.

Here are the requirements: bisyllabic (CVCVC), MUST HAVE a final consonant, no clusters, no /r/. Also trying to avoid things that end in plural /s/ or past tense /d/ because the medial schwa is too short.


SO HARD. I’ll share my list with you when I’m done.

Granted, this child will know approximately none of these words. Good thing apraxia therapy isn’t about knowing words. It’s about motoric drill. Props to Brenden is Teaching for helping me out with some of these.

do what you will with this

Also, last night I dreamed about initial position clusters containing stop-plosives and open codas. Like these:

some of these words I wouldn't use in therapy with a child.

My life is a sad place.



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