17 Mar

Seriously guys. Brains are so fragile. Today in cognitive disorders we learned all about TBI and by the end I gotta admit – I was a little woozy from thinking about what all can go wrong in your brain.

SO MANY THINGS CAN GO WRONG.I’m sitting outside in my lab coat in between therapy sessions and I’m just so happy I’ve gotten through 22 years of nothing crappy happening to my brain.

For example, there’s Coup – where you brain bounces off the front of your skulls and bruises. Then there’s Contra Coup where you brain bounces off the front AND off the back of your skull and bruises. AND then all of the contours and roughness on the inside of your skull can scrape your brain. AND the axons and blood vessels can TEAR THEY CAN TEAR as your brain twists around in there.

HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL. I was just getting imagines of brains bouncing around and axons tearing and ripping apart and I just want to wear a helmet everywhere I go from now on.

This was the video we watched in class. Please enjoy the part where they JUST KEEP SHOWING THE GUY’S HEAD BOUNCING OFF THE AIRBAG. over…and over…and over.

When you start feeling faint because you’re imagining your corpus callosum tearing feel free to turn it off.

And for all you soldiers out there, here’s some “signature wounds” typical of the war in Iraq:

Stressing me out.

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