Alien Invasion

22 Mar

Last semester we had to come up with therapy materials containing opaque derivational morphemes, which as it turns out is really difficult. So I wrote a poem instead and here it is for all the world to see:


The alien invasion has begun!

Aliens love explosions, you better run!

People running through the streets, 

causing car collisions.

They are coming now,

it is time to make some decisions!

Should we use persuasion to sweet talk the creatures?

Or should we employ scientists and science teachers?

Who could create a lethal prescription,

to kill the invaders who use evil mental encryption!

Let us not omit this important fact,

the aliens are smart and have a good deal of tact.

This intrusion onto our planet Earth,

has been well-planned since before our birth.

The aliens are expecting a complete submission,

and they will have it, with or without our permission.

These space invaders take great pleasure,

in eroding our world as a defensive measure.

It may be beneficial to give up the delusion,

that there will be a happy conclusion.

It seems the division of alien and human must be,

I sure hope admission to this alien movie is free!

The end. You’re welcome.


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