the SLP way of dealing with heartbreak

19 Apr

When one is feeling extra pathetic and weepy one should always invite their SLP friends over. Because SLP friends are hilarious.

Last night the girls came to my apartment and we sat around and drank and chatted so that I didn’t lay around crying. My eyeballs thank you, ladies. (Don’t Google “swollen eyeballs” – nothing good can come of it)

In the midst of this, a friend of mine decided she wanted to test her s/z ratio. What is this you ask?

The s/z ratio is an screening of laryngeal function. The person is asked to produce /s/ for as long as they possibly can and they are timed. Then the same is done for /z/. Healthy laryngeal function is indicated by a ratio of 1:1. The higher the number you get, the more likely it is you have laryngeal pathology. Don’t ask me what it means if your ratio is smaller than one. I don’t know. Probably laryngeal pathology as well.

Generally people our age should be able to produce both sounds for 20-25 seconds. You want to be able to produce /s/ and /z/ for equal periods of time.

AND GUESS WHAT? I got 36 seconds for /s/ and 35 seconds for /z/. That means my s/z ratio is 1.03. BOOYAH.

I’m feeling so much better about myself. I may have issues in the man-department but my larynx rocks.

In other news, I’m addicted to this song:


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