so close i can smell it.

26 Apr

What would the IRB process smell like if it had a smell? I don’t think I want to know.


EEEK I’m getting so close with my IRB!

Currently waiting to hear from my adviser if she’s giving it the “okay” then we’re passing it onto a different member of my Thesis Committee to edit. Once she’s done we’ll ask another faculty member to be on my committee and if they say yes, then THEY’LL edit it and once THAT’S done I’m handing it off to the IRB Committee.

If you’re working on an IRB Approval write-up currently here are some more things to consider:

1. Give the IRB EVERY THING you’re planning on giving your participants. If you’re using a Letter of Solicitation to recruit participants give it to the IRB. If you’re giving your participants a HIPAA release form give it to the IRB. If you’re asking participants to sign an informed consent form give it to the IRB.

2. If you’re doing any kind of recording be specific about the type of device you’re using and what you’ll do with those recordings later. I think I have it about six times in my write-up that I’ll be numerically labeling participants for identification purposes and then destroying the evidence later.

3. Your research adviser probably has other advisees. So don’t be so shocked when they’re confused about why you’ve done something after you’ve already discussed it with them. They’re busy too!

4. That whole thing on Microsoft Word that tracks changes is the worst! I’m saying it: it is flawed. Until Microsoft gets on working on the glitches we poor investigators are just going to have to AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE. Seriously, your adviser will want to use it. Do your best to stay away as long as you can.

5. Don’t be afraid to email researchers in your field and ask for their stuff. If you want something that you read about in a journal go ahead – email them! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by your success rate.

6. Weirdly, you are not the principal investigator. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know. But you aren’t. Your adviser is.

In other SLP news, a client I was working with yesterday told us he went to jail once for possession of (wait for it), HASHISH. Inappropriate.

And here is my dog, in a ducky raincoat:

"I hate peeing in the rain!"

You’re welcome.

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