it’s my birthday tomorrow

29 Apr

That’s all I got.

I’m super hungover.

I have all my papers written, three of four treatment summaries completed, diagnostic report is mailed. Still waiting to hear back on my IRB from a committee member.

I was apparently supposed to be documenting all the questions I asked in Motor Speech Disorders this semester and turning them in. I did not do that. So this weekend I’m going to make up 14 questions I have. Cognitive test on Monday.

I hope everyone has a LOVELY weekend.

Now Playing: Matt and Kim

This is a picture of my grad school crew. Not all of these people are in my SLP program but, I still somehow hangout with them constantly. Or rather, they somehow accept the fact that we’re just going to talk about speech-path stuff for hours and they’re still willing to hangout with us.

so much love


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