oh hello light, strange meeting you here, at the end of the tunnel

6 May

It’s Friday (friday friday) and I’m just hanging out at my place of employment. I should be writing my motor speech disorders paper, but you know, instead I’ve been watching hours upon hours of Parks and Recreation.

BUT THAT ASIDE, so many great things have happened!

Number ONE: I turned my IRB into my department head and then they’ll pass it onto the IRB Committee!! Woo woo.

Number TWO: I am wearing a fabulous dress that I got for my birthday!

Number THREE: Last day of clinic was Wednesday and I currently have 150 hours and I need 200 by next December. ON MY WAY!

Number FOUR: Last night I made delicious enchiladas for my SLP girls. And they were delicious. And then I drank too much wine.

Number FIVE: I’m heading home in an hour to help my mom move into her very own grown-up apartment! YAY

how cute is my mom? SO CUTE

I have my research final next week, and some odds and ends to take care of and then I can officially say I have completed the first year of graduate school! ONE YEAR TO GO BABY.


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