perspectis? perspectus? prospectis? PROSPECTUS. AHA.

13 May

Year One has come to end. Sort of. It feels like it hasn’t because I’ve started working on my thesis prospectus (can you even imagine how long it took me to spell that correctly?) and I’m trying to find participants and coerce people into being on my committee and I’m writing personal statements for scholarships and I don’t know what my personal and professional goals are leave me alone!

But classes are over and that’s nice.

So to tell you a little bit about the prospectus, because nobody warned me:

1. The prospectus is a presentation to your thesis committee members giving a concise and clear depiction of your project.

2. The prospectus should justify your study. It should answer two questions: (1) what is the purpose? (2) why should we care about the purpose?

3. If your IRB was well-written most of your prospectus can be taken directly from that.

4. It acts as a contract or agreement between you and your committee. You describe your project in full and your committee okays it. The better your prospectus is, the better your committee can help direct you. Your prospectus is a written document detailing what you are AGREEING to do. If you don’t want to do something – you better not prospectize it.

5. The prospectus includes: the rationale, the literature review, the methodology, the projected game plan, and your bibliography.

6. The craziest thing you’ll have to do: provide a list of every search engine you used, the terms you searched, the results from the search, and an explanation of why you chose to use or not use each result. WHAT? WHY? I don’t know. To build character probably.

7. Don’t be so nervous. You know your project better than anyone.

And here is a picture of Monty.

I'm a meatloaf with hair.


2 Responses to “perspectis? perspectus? prospectis? PROSPECTUS. AHA.”

  1. Joel A May 13, 2011 at 2:58 pm #

    Step 6 is insane. We’re talking labors of Hercules insane.

    • weathersby May 13, 2011 at 3:07 pm #

      Right? So insane! Why oh whhhy?

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