Nerd-fest 2011

23 May

Hey all my SLP ho’z

Who is going to the ASHA convention? Because registration starts June 15 and I am DEFINITELY going, and you should probably go to.

Here are the dets:

1. Save the date: November 17 – 19 (I’ll potentially be there from the 16th-20th)

2. Adonde?: San Diego (which of course in German means a whale’s vagina)

3. Monies: $200 for registration, plus hotel (around $80 a night), and airfare (from STL – $300, from SPFLD – $600).

4. Porquoi?: Well (a) because I said so and (b) because it’s important to be involved and (c) because I said so.

Listen, I’m going whether you are or not. But you should go because I love company.

PS – Last night in Joplin, MO there was a tornado, killing at least 116. Single deadliest in US since Worcester, MA 1953 tornado. Here’s how to help if you can: Here are pictures of the destruction: News Leader


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