14 Jun

Starting this Thursday with my new clients. One has mild hypernasality.

Where do I even start with that?

With a brother who has hypernasality I feel like I should sort of know what I’m doing, but frankly I just don’t! It’s not like I can say “okay kid, just you know, move your velum up.”

Doing a little ASHA journal research this morning but there is very little in the way of telling me how to teach someone to speak without nasality. Some are super old and suggest using NSOMEs and we know all about that.

So then what?

We don’t have any technology tools beside the See-Scape (which is rather gross) to give clients feedback. The best “holistic” treatment approaches seem to be along the LSVT-line of things – increasing effort, increasing volume, increasing articulatory precision. So I’m going to make this kid yell at me for eight weeks? Sounds like a great time.

I think I might draw/create a visual something-or-other depicting the naso-pharynx and what the kiddo is doing and what needs to be happening. Probably will be employing a lot of mirrors,  and tactile, kinesthetic feedback. I wonder if I could make a gigantic bite block to facilitate an open mouth while speaking? ‘

OOO I just found a good journal article on behavioral hypernasality treatment.

Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions, throw ’em my way because I don’t wanna waste this kid’s summer experimenting.

NP – Sia Breathe Me


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