how to pay for ASHA

20 Jun

So if you’re a student planning on going to ASHA this year you may have noticed that it is INSANELY expensive. $200 registration, $500 flights, $200/night hotels – You’re killin’ me Smalls!

In an attempt to go as cheaply as possible, my partner in crime and I have been doing everything we can to cut corners. I thought I’d share!

1. Apply to volunteer. As a student you can get your $200 registration fee waived AND you’ll get to really be a part of the convention. You might get to meet those people who write your text books!

2. Stay cheap. Hostelling International San Diego is an eight minute walk to the convention center and a 12 minute taxi ride from the airport (about a $15 ride). The hostel gets absolutely glowing reviews on travel websites and is incredibly cheap ($400 for five nights in a private bedroom with bath).

3. Do some research. As a student you may qualify for funding through your school and your local NSSLHA chapter might be willing to help you out with a bake sale! Ask your professors, they’ve done this a million times and they’ve helped other students. They know what’s up.

4. If you have a credit card that gets rewards see if you can use those rewards for plane tickets. I can get $100 off a ticket with mine.

Good luck! It’s a racket.


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