Making reading comprehension fun

30 Jun

So, reading comprehension lessons are SUPER boring. I’m bored. My client is bored. My supervisor is bored. SO BORED WE ARE ALL DYING OF BOREDOM.

In response to these mind-numbing lessons, I’m all, “How can we make this fun because another six weeks of this might just kill me.”

And then I realized.


Yes, chemistry. We are going make sciency stuff. Today we’re making Oobleck.

I bet you’re like, “How is making Oobleck related to reading comprehension?”

Well I will tell you! Lucky you!

I looked up articles on making Oobleck and the science behind it and put them into a word document. Then I cleaned them up so the information is in passage form and then did a Spell Check Review –> Flesch-Kincaid score on it to make sure it was the reading level I want it to be at. In my session we’ll read the information using the reading strategies we’ve been focusing on, I’ll get the ORF and Retell fluency and then we’ll make it. I wrote questions associated with the reading to ask post-reading and in order to correctly make it, my client will have had to comprehended the steps and information accurately.

How much more fun is that than just sitting and reading passage after passage?


I like that Word gives you the Flesch-Kincaid score because if it reads too high or low, you can go back, change your text, and make it the grade level you need it to be. Here’s where you can find it:

it's the yellow one doofs


And Oobleck is super cheap to make. And we’re going to wear GOGGLES! This is a win-win all around.

NP: Miranda Lambert – The House that Built Me

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