dip or it didn’t happen

11 Jul

SLPs love a good get-together. We do. We can’t help ourselves. If there is going to be dip we’ll be there. Doesn’t matter what kind of dip. We just really like dip. Spinach-artichoke dip. Buffalo-chicken dip. Pizza-dip. Ranch dip. Veggie dip. Seafood dip.


I digress. Get-togethers. As graduate students we spend all day together. Class. Clinic. Studying. Planning. Meetings. Orientations. All day, every day. Nonetheless, we will use any chance we can to hangout. Constantly. How do we not run out of things to gossip about? It baffles the mind.

Anyway, here’s a compilation of some SLP events I’ve been a part of in my many years involved in Communication Disorders:

(That “continue reading” button is screwing up my formatting. Dumb.)

Speech Language Pathologists like to eat:

Football shaped Cheeseball for Super Bowl

Pie Potluck Party


Alumnae dinner

Getting some food before we bond some more

Speech Language Pathologists like to drink:

Coffee Date at Java Co

Sangria Night - yikes

Speech Language Pathologists like birthdays:


Better. Thank God.

One day I'll look at this picture and laugh. For so many reasons

Speech Language Pathologists like holidays:

Going to see the Fireworks!

Cute. Real cute.

Guess what holiday this is. Good grief.

Non-denominational holiday party (oh. okay. yeah. right.)

Speech Language Pathologists like to get married:

Look at all those SLPs

Speech Language Pathology is a pretty field.

Speech Language Pathologists like to attend professional events:

MSHA 2011

Communication Disorders Association

SLPs on an Elevator. MSHA 2010

Other things SLPs like to do:

See shows together

Put on makeup

I’m just sayin’ – we like each other.

NP: Taylor Swift – Ours


2 Responses to “dip or it didn’t happen”

  1. kubs August 18, 2011 at 12:43 pm #

    One of my favorite blog posts yet! Although your forgot the picture from MY birthday party.. I guess the internet is NOT ready for our Spice that night.

    • weathersby August 18, 2011 at 1:39 pm #

      I never saw that Spice Girls picture! Or I’d be all over it.

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