15 Jul

Yesterday my reading comp client and I made paper airplanes (there was a point but I don’t feel like explaining) and raced them down our clinic hallway. There wasn’t anyone around so it was no big deal.

But then his didn’t go as far as mine, so I told him to try again. Another clinician and her client were in the hall at this point, but they were pretty far away and nowhere even close to where MY plane had landed (and mine went quite far) so I told my client to go ahead and throw his.

WHOOPSY. He totally hit my friend’s client in the butt. Like, dead on. Like it had been a target. Her client looked SCANDALIZED.

Really paper airplane? REALLY? Of ALL the things you could have crashed into, you felt the need to hit a four-year-old in the behind? THANKS A HEAP.

Clearly no one was actually injured or traumatized during this – it was just amusing at the time.

I have a diagnostic in approximately eight minutes and ALL of the audiometers are checked out! BOO.

riiide in to the DANGER ZONE

Bernoulli’s Principle is what we actually read about – but it’d be boring to learn about it and not practice it.

NP: Jamie Foxx – Fall For Your Type


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