one day I’ll FLLLLLY away

27 Jul

Okay seriously. Moving sucks.

You guys know. If you’re reading this you’re probably on the path to speech-path or something similar and as such have been in the higher education system for awhile and you know as well as I – that moving sucks.


I mean, I went to college in Fall of 2006 and between then and NOW I have moved five times and I’m working on my sixth.

Moving is like a test of everything a good human should be. You need patience. And diligence. And other -ence words. It requires a lot of flexibility because up until the day you literally move your stuff in – IT IS ALL UP IN THE AIR.

Where are you living? Who are you living with? When are you moving? How will you move there? Who will help you? What are you taking? What do you need? When can you pick up your keys? Will you require extra storage?Did that realtor call you back? No? TOO BAD.


What makes it worse is that to become an SLP you must become an extern. That’s great and all, but it kind of throws a wrench into things BECAUSE SLP-EXTERNS DON’T GET PAID.

No, no. Instead, you continue paying tuition, and rent, and bills, and you work from probably 7-6 every day and maybe on weekends BUT THERE IS NO INCOME. I keep thinking, “Maybe I’ll get a job in STL?” But when, on earth, will I have time to work a second job? I’m going to have to become a waitress at Courtesy Diner or something horrifying like that. Granted, if things go as planned (haha RIGHT) I’ll be making real money in May, but that still means from December until May I’m living solely off student loans and that my friends,

is scary.

To top it off, my program does this kooky thing where we have a two week class in January. And my lease ends in December. Which means I have to move to STL in December, and then drive back here and sleep on couches for two weeks.

AWESOME. Life is great. I’m cranky.

NP: Jake Owen – Barefoot Blue Jean Night


3 Responses to “one day I’ll FLLLLLY away”

  1. Joel A July 27, 2011 at 12:36 pm #

    I keep thinking to myself, “My next move, I’ll hire people to do this for me.” It never works out that way.

  2. Lisa S July 28, 2011 at 4:59 pm #

    I totally rely to this post. This summer I did a 6-weeks practicum 4h drive away from my home. The university offers nothing to compensate. No gaz money. No money to rent a place (I lived at a aunt’s house 1h from my placement). And of course, I could not even think to work part-time, I was always travelling. And since they just assign 2 credits to this pracitcum, the governement stops giving me loans.
    It was only for a month. This years, it’s going to be three months. With no money. At all. Augh.

    • weathersby July 29, 2011 at 3:32 pm #

      You’d think they’d try to set things up in a more convenient way timing-wise. Granted, I COULD stay in this city to do my externships, but there’s less here and I’ll move to St. Louis anyway, might as well get started settling there. I wish you luck on trying to function for three months with no income! It is no fun at all. But soon we’ll all be done. I just keep telling myself that.

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