two semesters to go

16 Aug

I’ve returned to the blessed world of graduate school.

In my time away the following occured:

1. My school externship site changed from a special-school district setting with students ages 7 to 21, to a regular ol’ elementary school with students K-5.

UHHHH. No gracias. My SLP-supervisor resigned and apparently they replaced her was EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what I need. #stressedout

2. Hearing screenings yesterday in a rural, SWMO early childhood center. SO PRECIOUS. I’ve done hearing screenings before but never with little ones. It was hard work! Trying to train the kiddos to understand that when you hear the tone you put a block in the box is a challenge! Especially when some of the children don’t speak English. You want a learning experience? Sign up for something like that. It took like, 3-4 adults per child. I needed a nap after.

3. I crept and found out my clinic assignments for the fall: cleft lip/palate repair – phono/artic, and fluency! woo woo. Let’s hope it all works out and my fluency doesn’t change halfway to something awesome like fourth grade /r/.

4. Still haven’t figured out my living situation and the fact that now I don’t know where my school-site will be isn’t helping. If I end up with a school-site in O’Fallon and a medical site in STL I don’t know where the heck I’ll live.

NP: Across the Universe – Blackbird

PS – last night at a thrift store I bought FOUR Spot books (you know…Spot) and the game of SPLAT! which was completely intact…though the playdough was a little dried up and crusty. This brings my Spot count up to five (one of which is a Galludet Press ASL edition) and my board game count up to…a thousand. I love buying therapy materials.

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