Missouri SLP Students! Pay attention

18 Aug

Good morning, this is a PSA from your favorite SLP- grad student – blogger extraordinaire

First thing on the agenda: MSHA

Just received my save the date in the mail, this year’s MSHA convention will be at Tan-Tar-A, April 13-15. If you’re planning on presenting and you’re a student, your project submission is due November 1, 2011. Get on it boys and girls. Click HERE to submit your proposal.

Second thing: MSHA Fall Workshops

I also just found out that the MSHA Workshops that take place in the fall are being offered at a discounted rate for STUDENTS. OOO LA LA. $25 a workshop! And they have a medical issues workshop taking place Saturday, October 22. I’m taking dysphagia in the fall and I think for $25 this workshop would be TOTALLY worth the extra learning experience. Click HERE to learn about registering.


just paid my $25 - includes LUNCH. I love lunch.

Thirdly: SWMO Cox Health SLP Presenter

At Cox Health in Springfield, MO there is an SLP Presentation regarding Parkinson’s disease on September 10th. The cost for students is $45 and includes lunch. Click HERE to learn more. I haven’t decided if I’m going to this or not. $45 is pushing it a little for me.

Fourth: JOPLIN

As I’ve mentioned in the past, Joplin speech-paths are still needing a lot of supplies and money to replace everything that was destroyed in the tornado. The list of supplies needed will be posted on the MSHA home page periodically (though isn’t there now from what I can tell).

 NP: Knock Three Times (I watched Now and Then last night)


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