I’m going to write a blog with no exclamation points.

23 Aug

Because I clearly have been getting really excited about things and all of the exclaiming makes me look crazier than I am.

Onto the topic of this post:

The Praxis. Oi.

I’m feeling a little panicked. We don’t take the Praxis until the spring semester but I’m starting to do a little review now and Oh. My. Word.

I have forgotten everything. Any suggestions from the ranks on how to best approach this? I started saving class notes, tests, quizzes from junior year circa Audiology/Speech Mech and on. I have my study book but it is just a guide, it isn’t going to have any questions that are actually on the Praxis. I also have every speech-path book I’ve ever bought (except for the one I think someone STOLE. GRRR.)

There is just so much. Speech-language pathology is a huge field and I’m feeling a little concerned that my brain won’t accept all of the information I’m expected to know. THERE ARE SO MANY MUSCLES OF THE TONGUE.

In related news, today is my first day of Dysphagia and I’m terrified. I need to somehow remember all of it because I’m so scared that one day I’ll screw something up. It is pretty hard to kill someone with language therapy (haha tell that to a four year old) but it is pretty easy to make someone aspirate if they’re already vulnerable. I’m hoping we learn about trachs/vents but if we don’t I plan on going to every conference/workshop/presentation on that topic that I can. In fact, I’m already registered for one in October. I just don’t ever want to be the reason someone can’t breathe.

NP: George Strait – Living for the Night (oh Georgie. I love you.)

PS – I had to edit this because I realized I put in TWO exclamation points after I published it. I am an embarrassment to the period and serious prose.


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