its been awhile, cranial nerves

24 Aug

So yesterday was our first day of dysphagia and we took a pre-test. There was a question regarding cranial nerves and I was all, “Oh snap. I don’t remember this at all.”

As a result, this morning I thought I should brush up a bit and I found this great website! Cranial Nerves Introduction

It has all sorts of good stuff. The nerves light up when you run your mouse over the word and quizzes and so forth. It tells you this silly acronym to remember them but I think it is harder to remember that than to remember the actual nerves so I’m going to make up my own

I'd like to point out that the "Spinal Accessory" needs to pick a name and stick with it

And here it is: Oh! Our Outstanding Townhouse’s Terrific Attic Fan Ventilates Great! Very Satisfactory Home.

NP: Weepies YouTube Mix – go ahead, play all, you know you want to

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