I would panic

26 Aug

One time, many many moons ago, I asked my brother what he would do if I just peed right where I was sitting (we were likely in the car or somewhere that would make it very hard for me to get somewhere to pee).

His response,

“I would…panic.”

Ever since then this has been my fall-back response for pretty much everything and let me just say that if I don’t get into a nursing home to collect data for my thesis I WILL PANIC.

I finally got ahold of a nursing home director in my area and their attorney and HR approved my project and I’ve been trying to get back in contact with him so we can get this party started. However, this whole communication thing is not working out and I AM STRESSED. We had a scheduled phone call for ten this morning, I called and they said he was out and they didn’t know when he’d be back.

I AM PANICKING EVERYONE. THE PANIC IS SETTING IN. I have until DECEMBER to collect data. Terror. I am in full-on terror mode. Literally this morning I woke up and had a panic attack. This is amazing because (a) I had been awake for a mere 30 seconds and (b) I take medicine to NOT have panic attacks.


But in all seriousness, what happens if I never get to collect data? Am I just going to have to do a really detailed lit review and back out of the thesis? I am so stressed. How does this work? Do I have to return the extra credit hour I get for working on a thesis? I am very confused.

Please thesis Gods, make this man call me back. Hear my plea. I’ll do anything! I’ll stop drinking on Thursday nights! I’ll start diligently reading my textbooks! I’ll wash my lab coat! ANYTHING.

NP: Lauryn Hill – Tell Him

PS – I’m going to see Miranda Lambert in October and I am PUMPED about it.


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