I’m going through chaaaanges

16 Sep

If you follow ASHA on Facebook or Twitter or wherever, you may have noticed their call for peer reviews of the new standards for clinical certification that are to go into effect in 2014. I don’t see anything too wild and crazy but here’s the link if you want to take a peek-see: SIDE‐BY‐SIDE COMPARISON 2005 AND 2014 Speech‐Language Pathology Standards

It isn’t too long and if you are planning on becoming an SLP, supervising, teaching, mentoring etc, you should probably know about the changes.

One thing that I’ve noticed is a pretty major change is the removal of the stipulation regarding specific hours that need to be obtained. ASHA is moving towards a more holistic view of education and now everything is focused on KASA

I think this is a great move, because while every certified clinician reaches 400 clock hours, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a strong measure of their individual KASA or that they’ve really developed that skill (other than within the classroom). I’ve noticed in some graduate programs they seem to be leaning this way already, but for programs where the main focus is getting clock hours, these new standards might really alter the way they do things- especially in the area of student skill tracking. (longest. sentence. ever.)

Just as long as those changes don’t happen in the next eight months and mess with my way of life, I say “Yay for ASHA.”

NP: Little Big Town – the Reason Why

PS – the title of this post is a ref to Ozzy Osbourne. My dad would be so pleased.

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