the To-Do list from hell

4 Oct

Here we are in October. Last day of classes is December 8 – so I’ve got two months to make the following happen:

1. Collect data. The nursing home I’ll be doing my thesis in contacted me and said they’re getting consent forms back, now I’m just waiting for families to submit pictures so I can get started.

2. Service Learning. My University has a big ol’ public affairs mission so we often have service learning components of courses. This semester I’m volunteering at the Arc of the Ozarks for ten-15 hours. Sometime.

3. Shadowing. Before we start our medical externships we are required to shadow for seven hours. So I should probably go ahead and do that. So I should probably contact my externship supervisor. Probably.

4. Go to ASHA!

5. Go to MSHA Fall Workshops!

6. Go to Miranda Lambert! (ok so this isn’t really on my “to do” list. but still.)

7. Go to Pathways to Communication! Present on Acquired Apaxia of Speech at Pathways!

8. Turn in my apartment application so I have somewhere to live!

9. Give presentation to NSSLHA on getting into Graduate School and attending ASHA.

10. Do all my standard stuff: clinic, class, work, CSD-bonding, sleeping, blogging, watching Modern Family etc etc.

The end. I do a lot of lamaze breathing these days.

NP: Akon – Right Now

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