thank goodness

10 Oct

Today I got my thesis data collection started! Woop woop.

(Right now there are some first years standing super close to me, yapping in my ear, and it is real annoying.)

Anyway, woop woop.

I went to the nursing home and saw my first participant, think I got some good language output out of her. The best part: at the end of the session she told me she had been a little dizzy, so I told her to hold my shoulder on our walk back to her chair. But then she held BOTH of my shoulders from behind, and she took tiny old lady steps, so we basically chugga chugga choo choo-ed through the nursing home. Then she took me to tour her room. It was precious.

And I gave her the MMSE, and on the part about writing a sentence she wrote “I think that this is crazy.”

Girl, I feel you.

NP: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps

(OK seriously first years, you’re driving me crazy – MOVE AWAY)


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