making plans

13 Oct

So I just created my ASHA itinerary and I printed it. Turns out it prints off every abstract on an individual page.


Gah! That’s at least a whole tree. It isn’t easy being green, man.

Anyway, here’s my schedule. Normally I’d be worried about some crazy SLP seeing this and stalking me but clearly I don’t really know where I’m going because I think a lot of sessions sound interesting. This is just sort of me narrowing it down a little. So stalk away, I wish you luck. I couldn’t even stalk myself with this schedule.

I have many interests :/


I don't have a lot planned for Friday because I'll be busy getting down. Because it is Friday.

The last day!

Also, Wednesday from 5:00-6:30 PM is the First Timer’s orientation, Friday is NSSLHA day, and Friday evening is the Awards Ceremony.

I'll be at those two, if you wanted to stalk me

If you want to know about more activities you can look HERE. If you want to do your own scheduling and sync it up perfectly with mine because I am awesome, you can do so HERE.

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