so you think you can be an SLP graduate student?

17 Oct

I’ve come to notice that by the time we get to graduate school, all clinicians have the same gear. No one says “You must have these items to function here” but we all have the same stuff. Here is your checklist:

1. A lifetime supply of watches.
2. A clipboard. But not just any clipboard. A clipboard WHICH OPENS. Don’t try to tell yourself that the extra three bucks for the opening is too much – all that will happen is you will buy a crappy regular clipboard and then you will buy a opening clipboard four days later. Then you will have spent too much money and have one useless clipboard.

3. Your body weight in ball point pens. Preferably black. In undergrad I had clinic and the rule was ONLY BLACK PENS. And now my body involuntarily spasms when I write on a clinic form with a blue pen. Also, I suggest if your school has a “New Student Welcome” that you go because they give away SO. MANY. PENS.

Please note that the theft, accidental or otherwise, of another student’s pen is punishable by death. DON’T STEAL MY PEN.4. Dry erase markers. You may think you don’t need these but I promise the time will come.5. Folders. Lots of folders. Buy folders. You will need folders. Those folders will need pockets.6. Cardigans. No explanation needed. You know you need them. (To be fair I haven’t seen any man-cardigans in the clinic but I hear that’s in right now)7. So much hand sanitizer. I prefer the sprays because you can clip them right onto your lab coat pocket.

Things you might as well get rid of: Your pride and sense of shame. Hahaha. Just kidding. But seriously.

NP: L.E.S. Artistes – Santigold (obsessed with this song) (PS the video is SUPER WEIRD.)

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