This is Halloween, this is Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!

26 Oct

Ten points if you get the reference.

The other day @ASHAWeb prompted (haha, I would use the word ‘prompted’) SLPs to share their Halloween therapy ideas. I wasn’t really ready to think that far ahead. But now it is WEDNESDAY which means I have therapy with my little one tomorrow and we will do Halloweenie type things.

First on the agenda:

Paint Pumpkins. On Thursday we generally address /p/ so I thought this would be good.

Next up:

Do something to teach Halloween vocabulary, like a memory game. My client is SUPER into finding matches, so I’ll make some flashcards that say things like Trick or Treat, Please/Thank you, Boo, candy, Pumpkin – you know the drill.


Read something like The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything  , Spooky I Spy, or Go AWAY Big, Green Monster.


Putting that vocab to work. We have an EDHH preschool at my University and they are trick or treating around the building. This will give me a chance to assess my client’s spontaneous speech and the kiddos can have some fun.

I plan on wearing my Halloween socks which I bought from the $1 area at Target. THAT IS THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH. Seriously – go there. You will find so many great therapy materials. And…socks. Usually they have a bunch of holiday stuff so if you want Halloween prizes or treats I recommend looking there.

NP: One Eyed – One Horned – Flying – Purple – People -Eater


PS – this website has a ton of activities for a number of holidays: Speaking of Speech


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