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7 Nov

I wish I had something exciting to share with you guys but I’m in a weird, false-sense-of-security, lull right now. It’s getting to the point in the semester where I don’t have too much to do, but I know I WILL have stuff to do so my heart is filled with anticipatory terror.

The Pathways to Communication Conference was Friday, as such my email sending rate has decreased drastically. I gave my presentation on the use of PROMPT with adults without totally screwing up. So life is good.

Presenters and Coordinators at the Pathways Conference!


ASHA is next week and I’m so excited! But I also need to make sure my bases are covered here. I need to email my professors so they know I’ll be out of town, make sure my job knows, get all my class and clinic work out of the way now so that I’m not in a panic Thanksgiving week. I know we have a few more assignments for class but that’s never really a point of stress, it’s just school work – whatevz. I need to get treatment summaries wrapped up, start studying for finals, and figure out when the heck I’m starting my ECSE externship.

Instead of doing just a school and hospital externship, I opted to also do a third, shorter experience at an Early Childhood Special Education Center in Springfield. So I’ll be starting that right after finals, December 12th (I think). This means I need to let my work know that my last day is approaching rather quickly!

And then I will be a jobless hobo. Living off student loans and other handouts which I will readily accept.

Another issue I’ve got going on is where the heck I should live. I was planning on living in a single bedroom apartment in the CWE and it was going to be great! However, I’m planning on staying in STL for only the length of my externships, so is it worth the $4,000 in rent? My mother lives in Lake St. Louis, which is a 30-45 minute drive (on a good day) from either of my externship sites – which will suck but also cost me about $1,200 in gas. I won’t be paying rent (I mean, I will because I’m not going to just mooch off my mother for six months) but I may have to pay for storage for all my crap.

Basically if I’m doing the math right, living with my mom would save me $2,000. But I’d also have to drive a thousand years to get anywhere. And if I have my man-friend come hangout I will be sharing a wall with my mother. Is $2,000 worth the mental anguish of spending half of my life sitting in STL traffic and waking up with said-man-friend and my mom in the same apartment?


Oh, and my face has broken out in a way that I can’t even describe. I’m thinking about naming the zit on my cheek and keeping it as a pet.

NP: Kid Cudi – Pursuit of Happiness


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