so excited! so delighted!

14 Nov

AHHH! I’m leaving TOMORROW (tomorrow? did I say tomorrow? YEAH. TOMORROW. I’ll say it again. TOMORROW.) for the ASHA Convention in San Diego!

I. Cannot. Wait. But also traveling gives me a lot of anxiety. As such, I’ve been ultra-anal-retentive lately. I don’t know if I’ve been Type A my whole life and didn’t know it, or if grad school did this to me.

Monty has a piggy sitter for the week. He’s been a real brat lately (yeah, guinea pigs can be brats. You didn’t misread.) So hopefully he behaves for Aunt Stephanie.

but seriously, how can you not love this creature? LOOK AT HIM.

I went through my NINETY TWO PAGES of itinerary (can’t spell this word apparently – thank you computer for having a brain when mine is already in San Diego). Anyway, I’ve narrowed down my schedule a bit. Here’s what it looks like now:

so much LEARNING

I called the hostel and confirmed. I’ve confirmed with the airline. Last week @klevs and I drove to the airport because we wanted to make sure we knew where it was. I’m completely packed (except for my makeup). I have to analyze a language and speech sample this afternoon, got some classes and some clinic, AND THEN I’M ROLLING OUT OF HERE. You can’t stop me!

Most of the posters and sessions I’d like to attend are either pediatric dysphagia, TBI, or PhD related. And then there’s some randoms that I want to check out like the one of vocal fry in college students because – uh – I have a lot of fry. Whoops.

YAH! I seriously am so amped up. So much so that I felt the need to split my infinitive there.

NP: The Show – Lenka



2 Responses to “so excited! so delighted!”

  1. slotaag November 14, 2011 at 6:46 pm #

    You know, for such an extensive ASHA itinerary, we’d be attending at least one session. Nope, not a single one! BTW, did I really just stalk you?!

    • weathersby November 15, 2011 at 11:10 am #

      I think you MAY have stalked me. It’s okay, I accept it as my fate. I’m so surprised we aren’t going to any of the same stuff! Especially since I’m trying to stick to medical and adults (except for the peds dysphagia). Is ASHA doing a tweetup this year?

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