my mom sassed me

20 Nov

She was all, “you didn’t blog much at ASHA.” And I was all, “hey hey, I had to pay $1/12 minutes of internet!”

I’m on my way home, we’re sitting in the San Diego Airport as of current. I’m eating a crappy sandwich. Per usual. That’s the problem with travel. Crappy sandwiches.

But seriously I had SUCH an amazing time at ASHA! We’re carting around our ridiculous Super Duper totes which are completely packed with free stuff from the exhibit hall. (There is a child just ABSOLUTELY SCREAMING behind us.) I’ve got tons of resources from everything from ASHA-PAC to Ph.D. to job searching to therapy materials. I met some great people and I bonded with people already in my friend inventory. And my brain is squashed full of information. I’ll tell you more about the presentations I went to when I’m not blogging via Blackberry.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience I got and I am so glad I went. I’ll never forget my first ASHA convention!

NP: Katie singing ‘Everyday I’m Hustlin'” over and over, while a child runs the risk of developing a vocal polyp in the background


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