help a girl out

22 Nov

So my SLP-AUD friends from undergrad get together two or three times a year, and generally on that third time of the year we do a little clinical Secret Santa. I am obsessed with using the website Elfster to help coordinate Secret Santa, this is my third year using it and I lovelovelove it. Makes it SO EASY to draw names, have deadlines, give people wishlists, and get ideas!

On the ideas front – since it is usually clinical Secret Santa – we tend to get each other stuff we can use in practice. This year I really want to try to encourage whoever has me to get me adult-friendly materials and I was just wondering what people in the field find helpful, especially for adults with TBI, aphasia, dysarthria, dementia?

So far I have, ASL Flashcards, Thumbballs, Idiom Dictionary, a white board/dry erase markers, Taboo, Scattergories, Boggle, Memory, SET, Outburst, UNO, Conversation Starters, Would You Rather, Loaded Questions, and Mad Libs. I also included some hands on brain teaser type games. I don’t really know what could come in handy!

Any ideas much appreciated.



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