it’s been awhile

28 Nov

Sorry all. I had the week off for Thanksgiving and while I love blogging, I was slightly busy with family and friends.

Currently I’m having thesisy issues. One of my committee members won’t email me back, I’ve only got four participants, the nursing home hasn’t contacted me about getting more participants. I don’t know if I should try to find same age peers without dementia so I at least have n=8? Or maybe I could do individual case studies with each participant since I only have four?


That’s pretty much my main concern right now. I’m trying to pack up my apartment a bit (actually I pulled all of my belongings out of my closets yesterday like a crazy person and now my apartment looks absolutely wild.)

don't tell Stephanie

I need to write my third and final ASHAsphere post, but I’m having brain troubles (meaning – I know what I want to say but I want to say it in a way that you know, makes sense.) And then just finishing up with classes, taking finals, wrapping up clinic, and so forth – which is just busy work for the most part. I’VE GOT BIGGER FISH TO FRY.

On the upside, I bought a NYE dress! It’s so pretty. Yay!

Now that you’ve got my life update, I thought I’d share some ASHAcon 2011 pictures! Katie refuses to put hers online so I’ll share hers LATER.


I am the shy-est

Palm trees at the convention center

San Diego Convention Center - where we did all of our learning!

view from the CC

If only we could have met him in real life!

ASHA partners in crime!

Some Truman SLP friends at NSSLHA day!

screwing around in the exhibit hall

we want to know how much these tiny lighthouses cost to make

ASHA bling

I'm in the ASHA guide! With Kim Lewis (aka Activity Tailor)

Line to get into NSSLHA Day Luncheon was out the door!

Check out the tweet wall #slpeeps

Dr. Rao talking to the First Timers

there was a lot of floor sitting at ASHAcon11

Thanks ASHA - for recommending the hostel!

There you are, for now!

NP: Florence + the Machine – Heavy in Your Arms


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