this post is purely tangential

29 Nov

Just a list of rambling nonsense about my life. GET READY.

Totally overslept this morning because I stayed up late packing, so my brain is all muddled. LAME. However, my client was very compliant this morning and let me administer the CELF-P in peace so that was nice. The apartment complex that I want to move into called today and they have a one bedroom in the CWE for $570/mo available January 15. I was kind of set on moving in with my mom so NOW I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO. It is literally a two minute WALK from my externship site BUT I’m only planning on staying there for six months…so that’s a lot of money to spend for six months. BUT IT IS ALSO KIND OF PERFECT.

Someone help me.

Ok. So I’ll make a pro/con list. Here it goes:



Living in CWE and not Lake St. Louis $570/mo rent
Being a 2 minute walk from one externship and a 20 minute drive from the other (rather than an hour from each) $60/mo parking
Living by myself No money for a big move in May/June
Closer to friends Cheaper to pay for storage than to pay for rent
Not worrying about storage Avoiding the fact that one day I will HAVE to live with other people
Not waking up with my boyf and my mom in the same place

Basically the only con is money. It’s kind of a big con. SORTA.

Why can’t I just be a grownup?? I’m so ready to just be a grownup. I want a job. And a steady place to live. And a big girl bed.

Anyway, probably I can’t be a grownup because I do things like dress up my guinea pig for Christmas…

Monty is really the "bah hum bug" type so that shirt is totally appropriate

OH and, I missed the Pocket SLP booth at ASHA, so I tweeted at them that I was sad I didn’t get an “I LOVE SLP” pin and look what they mailed me:

Yay for Pocket SLP!

How much do they rock? Thanks Erik and other Pocket SLP staff!

NP: All That I Want – the Weepies

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