what no one tells you

1 Dec

I’m about to reveal a SECRET.

An SLP secret!

You can’t stop me. Here I go.

When giving the CELF (P or 4)…the second page of the scoring form is VITAL.

See, when one gives a standardized test one should review the manual. And in most cases, we DO review the manual. In the case of the CELF you MUST review the manual because scoring is convoluted and a pain in the behind. But what everyone. EVERYONE. misses, is the second page.

The first time I encountered this was three years ago. My client had been given the CELF-4 several semesters before and I wanted to check out his current functioning. I gave him the test and scored it and OHMYGOD, he improved by like…20 percentiles in ALL AREAS! I was a miracle worker!

But, something just didn’t seem right. So I poured over the test and I made a grad student pour over my scoring and we just couldn’t figure out (a) where I got my numbers and (b) how to get the right numbers. We took it to my clinical supervisor who also appeared baffled. I left the test with her and went about my business.

A few minutes later she returned with the test packet…open to the second page. “Uh. You put the raw scores on the second page and follow the protocol from there.”


Well, since then I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how many frustrated clinicians I’ve seen, frantically flipping through the manual TRYING the figure the CELF out. Only to have me go to them, flip to the second page, and see that they had put everything on the front page.

LISTEN TO ME, Clinicians of the World! Second Page! Do not be suckered into the first page formula that MOST tests utilize. Oh no. That CELF second page is a tricky mistress and she is the key to your success.


A CELF-doof

NP: Darlene Love – Christmas


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