almost done!

7 Dec

Dysphagia final was yesterday and I think it went just fine. We had to do this reverse case study thing ( we were presented with a manuever or exercise and had to describe the patient who needs it) and I don’t know if I was specific enough (I had the Shaker and I just said limited UES dilation.) GUESS WE’LL SEE.

So Friday is my last day of work before I START MY FIRST EXTERNSHIP. GAAAH! Can you believe it? I certainly cannot. Am I ready? I don’t think so! Ugh what if I screw up and kill someone with artic therapy? Really I think it will be okay but seriously, I am having a hard time grasping the reality that I’m almost done.

As I said before, I will spend two weeks in December and two weeks in January placed at ECSE in Springfield. I’m excited for some time to get real experience working with little ones. I don’t know that I’ll love it, but just in case I do I’m glad to get the chance to try it out. Plus my supervisor is one of my favorite clinical supervisors and I think working with her will be a lot of fun.

With only a week or so left of classes and finals I don’t have too much left to do. A final in special populations, a take home final for dysphagia, finishing up a treatment summary, meeting with supervisors, two clinic sessions left.

You guys. I HAVE TWO SESSIONS LEFT IN CLINIC. ohemgee. I may cry. Or smile. Or maybe my face will get stuck in some sort of weird-in-between-grimace.

My thesis is coming along, I have three-four “normals” to compare with my participants who have dementia, so I’m excited to see how that goes. I’ll start getting their data tomorrow afternoon. While I’m alone in the abyss that is Springfield next week, I’ll have evenings to type up my thesis paper. According to my stats-committee-member I’ll need to make a lot of graphs.

As far as moving goes, listen to this schedule: AHEM. Sometime before the 30th of December the boyf is helping me move into a storage unit. Then I’ll go home to STL for about a week for XMAS. Then I’ll go to KC for New Year’s Eve. THEN, I’ll come back to Springfield for the last two weeks of externship. THEN I’ll move my stuff from the storage unit to STL. Then I’ll come BACK to Springfield for a two week class. THEN I’ll go back to STL to begin my externship with SSD-STL.


Welcome to Grad School, YOU’RE GONNA DIE.

(Not really, don’t panic. I’m just quoting Axl Rose.)

I think that’s all I have as far as grad school updates go. Sometime I need to sign up for the Praxis which I am taking in March. If anyone ever wants to know something specific about grad school please feel free to ask.

NP: Dan Fogelberg – Same Old Auld Lang Syne




2 Responses to “almost done!”

  1. KC December 7, 2011 at 2:13 pm #

    Hang in there! Ur almost done! Gd luck w/ ur classes. i’m taking Dysphagia next semester. Wish me luck. : )

    • weathersby December 9, 2011 at 8:16 am #

      Thanks! I’m sure you’ll do great. The content is really interesting, the hard stuff is the neuro. Good luck 🙂

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