23 Jan

I’ve been getting all sorts of questions lately so I thought I’d knock it out in one post!

Here is how my resume has ended up (without my personal info so don’t stalk me k thanks)

do do do doooo

When writing my cover letters I try to stick to a sort of general shape because otherwise I’ll get crazy. This is how I go:

1. I address it to HR because…that’s generally who I’m applying to.

2. I make it clear what I’m applying for.

3. I tell them how I learned of the position.

4. I tell them I’m a CF and I explain the CF.

5. NEW PARAGRAPH! I tell them why I want to work for them! I do my homework, don’t just be all, “Uh hey I want to work for you because you have an SLP position and I’m an SLP!” You should explore their websites, know about them! You should have a legit reason to apply.

6. NEW PARAGRAPH. I thank them for the opportunity to apply and that I hope to hear from them. I’d like an interview.

7. Love, Sam

Also a blog reader asked me to write about personal statements but I suck and keep forgetting. So I emailed her and this is what I said!

Okay. So, start with an attention grabber. Something special about
yourself or something sassy or just SOMETHING that sets you apart. I
started mine by saying something along the lines of “hey guess what –
everyone I know has wanted to be an SLP since they were babies. I just
found out a few years ago. But I’m still passionate and this is WHY:”

Focus the majority of your essay on (a) why you want to go to THAT
school and (b) your plans and why they’re important. You need to sell
yourself. You need to appear confident. But also make sure you don’t
come off as overly cocky, or overly set in your ways. A LOT is going
to happen to you in grad school, you’re going to learn and grow and
what you think your interests are NOW might not be in 2 years – you
should be flexible but have a general plan. Make sure you show that
you would be FORTUNATE to go to their school. If there is someone you
foresee as a research mentor – say so! Be complimentary. Tell them
what you’re expecting to learn, what you want to get out of your
education, and what you plan to do with it (not just as far as
academics – how are you going to put your education to use? Are you
going to advocate? Are you going to support your colleagues and
clients? Are you going to do research? Do you want to supervise? What
else are you going to do outside of straight up speech therapy?) They
want to know that you’ll add to their reputation.

Try to stay moderate in your expression. I tell people to leave out
religion, leave out politics, leave out your sob stories. IF you have
some grade discrepancies or GRE discrepancies feel free to qualify
them, but focus on the positives – what are you getting from them,
what are they getting from you?

I try to end personal statements with a thank you for their time and
their consideration.

I really hope this helps! I know how hard it is to write a personal
statement. Be honest and be yourself! You’ll do great.

 This is what I think for all of you! If anyone ever wants to see one of my personal statements I’ll dig one up.

Also I just got an email about this website: We Connect Now. It is a web resource for college students who have disabilities.

Also, @azspeechguy just sent me this link about interviewing for your first speechpath job: if you’re applying and interviewing – you should read it!

NP: The Band Perry – All Your Life

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      Why thank you, I’ve worked pretty hard to make it as such.

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