I promised

12 Feb

Okay so I said earlier that I would give readers my typical day schedule. So that’s what I’m doing.

IF it was a normal semester, my schedule would likely look a bit like this:

8:00 – Work

11:00 – Therapy

12:00 – Class

2:00 – Work

5:00 – Therapy

6:00 – Class

9:00 – Home

Obviously that is a simplified look, but you get the idea. Usually toss in a few meetings, and some late night clinic work. Also on days when I had free time I would be driving about 40 minutes to collect thesis data, or doing paperwork, or napping.

When I was at Early Childhood, my schedule looked like this:

8:00 – Arrive

8:30 – Bus Duty

9:00 – First Session

9:30 – Second Session

10:00 – Third Session

10:30 – Fourth Session

11:00 – Fifth Session

11:30 – Bus Duty

12:00 – Lunch

1:00- First Session

1:30 – Second Session

2:00 – Third Session

2:30 – Fourth Session

3:00 – Paperwork

3:30 – Bus duty

4:00 – Home

NOW, my schedule looks like zeees:

8:00 – Arrive

8:15 – Consult (which means creating PCS symbols for classrooms, talking to teachers, working on devices, planning, meetings etc)

10:00 – First session which works namely on picture exchange

10:30 – Consult

11:30 – Second session which is currently working on using a visual schedule

12:00 – Lunch

12:30 – Consult

1:30 – Third session which is currently working on following functional one step directions

2:00 – Consult

2:30 – Fourth session which is currently working on discriminating and following one step directions, some picture exchange

3:00 – Bus duty

3:45 – Home

In this schedule we do mostly group, push-in therapy, but we do pull-out twice a week. I’ve also attended a few IEP meetings, a SETT meeting, and Data Team meetings.

If you want to be an SLP, prepare to stay busy! 🙂

NP: Gym Class Heroes – Ass Back Home



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