My first interview

12 Feb

I had my very first interview last week for an SLP position in a school district in Kansas City. I felt like it went okay, they do a second round of interviews so I’m hesitant to say if it went really well or really poorly! But I came out of it feeling good and I think it was good to just get the first one under my belt.

When I was on my way to the interview I gotta say that I totally had jello legs and indigestion. Once I got in there I got more comfortable and started chatting with other interviewees. Everyone else there was there for a teaching position, I didn’t get to talk to any other speech paths.

But the real reason I’m telling you about my first interviewing experience is to share what kinds of questions they asked!

I met with the Special Ed director and she focused on my knowledge regarding: team collaboration, the IEP process, caseload expectations, accomplishments I’m proud of, my strengths and interests, and my knowledge of the district. She really put emphasis on the fact that I’d be working with a team, with a wide variety of students and staff. She gave me a few scenarios regarding scheduling, collaborating with classroom teachers, and interacting with an IEP team (including parents and students).

Basically for the initial interview they were curious as to my knowledge of the school system and where the SLP fits in. So if you’re going to your first interview soon, make sure you know how the schools work!


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