bored in grad school

17 Feb

Oh readers. It’s like we share a brain sometimes. Probably because all SLP programs are made of the same DNA.

SOMEBODY out there in cyberspace is “bored in grad school” and I will tell you what – so was I.

One might say to themself, “Self, how does someone possibly get BORED in GRAD SCHOOL?”

It is actually rather easy. I went to a highly selective, public university – the best in the state. I got my butt handed to me every. single. day. It sucked. I worked hard. And what was expected out of students at my undergrad isn’t really the norm at many other schools. It was no surprise to anyone at my undergrad to hear of someone going above and beyond, getting incredibly involved, and working themselves to exhaustion. It was standard issue behavior. I went to nerd camp for four years basically.

Then, I needed a change.

And I became the kid in your third grade class who is gifted and going nutty bananas because they’re tired of reading Accelerated Reader Level 3.

I picked my graduate school not by reputation or rankings, but by what they could offer me – the opportunity to do my thesis, public school in-state tuition, a large faculty with a lot of PhDs, a nice clinic, and a new adventure. And I got all of that and more. I loved my grad school experience. I would recommend my program to anyone who wants a thorough, comprehensive education in SLP.

But it is a state school with a bajillion students and I was bored. The status quo was NOT what it was at my undergrad – a lot was expected of the students but the teaching style was different and what was expected is exactly what was done by the students. Anything out of the ordinary appeared to be brown nosing.

My advice to you, “Bored In Grad School,” is to make the most of your experience. Sign up for some volunteering, get a job, offer to take on extra responsibilities, go to conferences, say yes when someone asks for your help – I promise, with a full schedule, you will not be bored. The boredom you may feel in class might be soon appreciated because your time and energy will be elsewhere and you’ll find yourself just as stressed as you like!

And if anyone calls you a brown noser – just smile and tell them that’s why you’ll be their boss one day. Because people who say yes today, will have others saying yes to them tomorrow.

If you do all that and you’re still bored…maybe there is something wrong with you. Or maybe you aren’t enjoying your program and you need to pursue a new field.

NP: Jason Mraz – I Won’t Give Up


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