out of state

29 Mar

I’m in the car with my mom and my brother’s girlfriend and we are headed to VIRGINIA (for lovers.) So I thought I’d blog! I’m loving my medical site and my supervisor and my patients. My thesis defense is April 16th. I haven’t worked on my MSHA presentations AT ALL. But that’s not why I’m writing tonight.

Normally when students ask me how to pick a grad school I don’t have much to say. Pick somewhere you’re comfortable is my best advice generally. But now that I’m somewhere where I interact with a ton of students from different places and I’m trying to find a job I have a few more pieces of advice.

Go to school in a city. Go to school in a city you want to live in and get a job in. Two reasons. One, there are more opportunities. There are hospitals, schools, community outreach, other universities, other students. I’ve heard of students doing some AWESOME stuff that I missed out on – because I went to school in a smaller city with less connections. All of my clinical experiences took place in my building. And now I’m jealous. Two, it is hard to find a job. It MAY be easier when you’re in a school that has those connections within the community. The company may have hired grads from your school before and they may know your professors – so recommendations have more clout. Plus you’ve had two years to volunteer or do clinicals or make your own connections. Now I’m trying to break in and find a job in a city that has two strong graduate programs which interact with these companies all of the time.

I’ve enjoyed my grad school experience and I know I’ll get a job – but I feel like I’ve missed out a little because my school just doesn’t have those connections and opportunities. So choose wisely young grasshoppers.

NP: whatever Becca puts on.


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