easily the weirdest time in my life

11 May

Today was my last day as a graduate clinician.


I’m walking out of my building and saying goodbye to my supervisor when I realized “This situation is so bizarre.”

Never before, and hopefully never again, in my life will I meet SO MANY new people that disappear from my world so quickly. Think about it – in grade, middle, high school, and undergrad you meet a ton of people but you keep those people for years. Once you get a real job – coworkers and clients may come and go but for the most part things are pretty well consistent.

THEN you go to grad school. You make immediate connections with people and form funny little cliques and get to know all of these professors and clients and students and then FOOMP (that’s the sound of time passing by. Duh.) – the next thing you know it’s been a year and a half and you’re rolling out.

THEN you go on your ex/internships where you have two or three *almost* jobs in a six month period. You have those consistent coworkers and clients. Unfortunately YOU are the not consistent person. It feels like I’ve spent the last six months of my life saying goodbye. Goodbyes are a normal thing and of course I want all of my clients to graduate from speech but doing 900 million goodbyes in such a short period time just kind of…sucks.

I hope for the sake of my sanity I don’t have to do so much quick-and-dirty meet, greets, and leave-takings ever again!

Frankly it is just a little weird.

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