Inpatient questions

15 May


Q: I read in one of your posts that you didn’t like inpatient at all and that’s all that I’ll be doing. I was hoping you could offer some advice or words of encouragement?!

A: Don’t worry! Not everyone can love or hate everything. I have several friends who adore inpatient, acute therapy. Two of my friends have even taken jobs with acute care.

My beef: I don’t like constantly doing the same thing – which I sometimes feel like in inpatient. You don’t get to follow a patient through their progress – sometimes you may only see them for a very short period of time. On inpatient, I’m hesitant often because I’m uncomfortable – I haven’t spent a lot of time around sick people or hospitals. I don’t want to offend anyone, kill anyone, make anyone mad. And I have a hard time making my voice right – don’t wanna sound like I’m being condescending to grown people when I’m actually trying to sound sweet!

You will get comfy and that will help considerably. Just listen to your supervisor and copy her therapy moves and it will all work out. And honestly I’m doing better and better with inpatient everyday(but I still don’t want to do it!!)


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