Interviewing like it’s my job

15 May

As many of you know, I flew out to Delaware on Sunday for an interview with a company that I’m very excited about. I’ll tell you more about the results of said interview at a later date but I did want to share a little about the experience as I know everyone is kind of going through the same thing right now.

SO, Sunday I arrived at the Philadelphia airport and the company’s recruiter who has been in contact with myself and PediaStaff picked me up. I completely love this woman, she made me feel totally comfortable and so going to dinner and clinical/employment talk wasn’t scary at all.

Monday between the hours of 8:30-3:00, I did the following: met with the director of therapy services and toured the facility. Observed a children’s therapy group. Observed a home health visit. Talked with their most recent CF (she graduated in 2007) about ‘the process.’ Talked with an OT. Interviewed with the director (several times) who was also an SLP. Talked more with the recruiter.

Interview questions really focused on my experiences and skills (course work, externships, AAC, dysphagia).

They did ask the questions we all think of with an interview like “Where do you see yourself in ten years?” (A: working and pursuing a Ph.D.), “How might someone describe you?” (A: I can’t remember but I didn’t use all C words this time.) “What are some areas you could improve in?” (A: I always think I can improve my clinical writing. I’d like to improve in my ability to counsel.)

They also wanted to know about my professional skills – how do I stayed organized? How do I document? Time management and paperwork opinions. Working on a team, collaborating, working with parents.

After that, I got dinner with the recruiter and we talked more about professional business and what the next steps were. Then I went back to my room and got in my jammies and watched cable all night.

THIS MORNING my shuttle picked me up from the hotel to take me to the airport and wouldn’t ya know it – the shuttle driver drove right into a bus at the airport. I don’t know what the deal is with me and the buses but I’m starting to develop a pretty severe bus-phobia.

NP: Stuck in the Moment – Justin Bieber

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