Dear Musical Artists,

12 Jul

(An Open Letter)

Dear Musical Artists,

Quit abusing your voice. Your money is your voice (Well for some of you…this is actually addressed to MUSICAL artists…not boobie artists or auto-tune artists).

Here’s a list of artists who have called off concerts because they’ve abused their voices and require vocal rest in the last few years:

Adele. Justin Bieber. Miranda Lambert. Cyndi Lauper. Tom Gossin. Florence Welch. Eric Church. John Mayer. Keith Urban. Ozzy Osbourne. Bjork. Maxwell. Celine Dion.

REALLY guys? Every time I turn on the radio somebody is cancelling a concert because they’ve beat the hell out of their vocal folds. Don’t you people have vocal coaches? Don’t you have people that love you?

Somebody needs to tell these artists that in their demanding profession they have to take CARE of their voice.

And that, is why speech-language pathologists exist.

Vocal hygiene is a major issue for ANYONE who uses their voice a lot – so ESPECIALLY legitimate singers and other people who are on stage and projecting night and day for weeks at a time.

Here are some tips for you doofs who make millions of dollars off your voice but take it for granted:

1. HYDRATE. Drink that water. Then drink more. And when you’re done drinking water, drink some more water. Use a humidifier at night.

2. SHUSH. Give your voice a break. And I mean don’t whisper, don’t laugh, don’t cough, don’t clear your throat. No noise should issue from your face. Balance the time you spend using your voice and the time you aren’t. Use some common sense.

3. Stay away from: dairy products, caffeine, alcohol, smoke, and meds that dry you out for cold or allergy.

4. Avoid one time abuse. All it takes is a really intense one time, “WOO WOO” at a concert or a sporting event and oh there ya go, POLYP. Seriously, your vocal folds can hemorrhage. It’s a thing.

5. If you notice any lack of voice, hoarseness, gravellyness, pain – any change in the voice, consult a doctor right away! Don’t wait a thousand years and try to push through and be the cool guy. Just go get it taken care of.

6. Breathe through your nosey. Noses humidify and help prevent crap in the air from irritating your vocal folds.

7. Quit competing. If there is a lot of background noise at a party and you’ve been on stage all night and talking all day, MAYBE give it a rest. Don’t scream over the noise to be heard.

There are also vocal warm ups you can do and exercises for the voice and neck. When you abuse your voice you can develop inflammation (laryngitis) which may go away on its own. But you can also get nodules, cysts, polyps, and other structural pathologies that hinder the vocal folds’ ability to come together and make your voice sound pretty which helps you get paid. So for goodness sake, knock it off with the abuse!




3 Responses to “Dear Musical Artists,”

  1. Zealousidler July 13, 2012 at 9:00 am #

    Yep! I’d also add: Stop oversinging and singing outside of your vocal range! Adele’s singing makes me cringe sometimes, because I can hear her straining to hit the high notes. Awful, just awful.

    I write this as I listen to my upstairs neighbor warm up her voice. Do that, kids. Do that!

    • weathersby July 13, 2012 at 10:44 am #

      Agreed! You can’t be pushing your poor little larynx like that! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. Mat June 6, 2013 at 1:47 am #

    Actually, if you do some research, Cyndi Lauper does have an awesome vocal coach named Katie Agresta, who she’s been with since the late 1970’s. The thing you don’t understand, is a vocal coach isn’t a one all save all in all situations. The truth is, every individual is different, and even if your doing all of your vocal exercises and warm ups like you should, sometimes it’s still not enough, especially if you have problems sleeping, or eat the wrong foods. Did you know that Cyndi Lauper is a mother also, plus she has tons of fans to talk to, as well as TV interviews, etc etc, all that talking is enough to do damage, if your not doing it right, and in this most recent situation, Cyndi the polyp from talking, not singing. Anyway, if you want to confirm what I am saying, all of this info is available by doing Google searches. Peace out

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