4 Sep

My mom got me a laptop in 2006. It did its duty. It got me through undergrad AND grad school.It was there for me. My thesis was typed upon it. We had good times, my laptop and I.

And then it started BSODing and I had to reinstall all the things on it and now I don’t have internet or Microsoft Office or ANYTHING. Blah. I’m typing this on Notepad right now. When I’m done I’m going to save this post to a flash drive and then take it to the library so I can upload it to wordpress. GHETTO.

Anyway, as you all know I started my big girl job in July! And this week I finally got my temporary SLP license and began working for realsies. In the meantime I have been having SO MANY adventures! Boy adventures! And friend adventures! I got another TB test (is there a cut-off for how many of those you can get in a lifetime? I’m concerned.) I backed into a woman’s car! I had a bat in my apartment! And Mr. Socks, the neurologically damaged Russian Dwarf hamster, passed away and I buried him in the backyard with a stolen shovel.


My first day out in the community doing home health went really well though. I saw three kiddos, all with rec/exp language issues. It was a little nerve-wracking going into people’s homes but the families were all so welcoming and gracious that I relaxed quickly. My first day with the kids I just probed issues noted in their IFSP and took notes so I could make goals. One kid slapped me in the face but I figure, if that’s the worst that happened I will take it!

This week I will start doing group therapy and have five kids on my caseload from that. I also have some adult dysphagia evals scheduled and have been exploring our AAC options. We have three iPads in our facility so I’ve been learning more about that and if you have favorite apps that you’d like to share with me – PLEASE DO! There is some funding available to us to buy apps and our community resource person can download free apps anytime.

NP: Santigold – Lights Out


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