another perspective on Breakin’ the Law

10 Sep

An email from Wretta, thanks for your input! Hope you don’t mind me sharing:

“Your recent post about breaking the rules caught my eye and I thought I might offer you an interesting foreign perspective. 

I’m originally from California but currently studying speech in South Africa. While the ex-pats here frequently remark that there are no rules in this country (and there aren’t), it also applies to speech. South Africa has 11 national languages and not a single published speech or language test in any of them; so we import from the USA and the UK. I have spent nearly every day of my past three years studying here being told by the lecturers that you must essentially throw out the manuals to these highly researched tests and therapy programmes because they are not suited for the South African context. So while you’re over there respecting the rules but still putting client first, we’re sitting here throwing it all out the window. 

In my opinion you’re doing the right thing, putting the client’s needs first. There will never be a test or programme that can work for everyone, and by developing your ability to manipulate your resources effectively you’re facilitating skills in yourself that are extremely valuable to the ever changing contexts of our jobs.”

Thanks again – loved reading your thoughts!

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