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oh yeah

21 Nov

Here’s my second post on ASHAsphere: If you are younger than 80 this post is for you.



ASHAsphere Blog Post Numero Uno

1 Nov

Hey ya’ll,

If you’d like to read my blog on attending the ASHA Convention (Especially if you’re a first timer) it is posted on ASHAsphere!

Follow me (@slweathersby), @ASHAWeb, @SpeechDudes, @slotaag, or any other number of Tweeters and Bloggers to learn more about the ASHA Convention and Speech-Pathdom in general.

NP: The Weepies – Nobody Knows Me At All

Thanks ASHA!

19 Aug

Well I am just tickled pink! I will be one of the three ASHA bloggers for the 2011 Convention in November. So keep your eyes peeled for more information about my ASHA-adventures. Be sure if you have the Twitter to follow me @slweathersby and follow ASHA  @ASHAWeb.

Also I just submitted my ASHA-blogging-agreement thing and this was the submission response: