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Sucking at blogging

21 Apr

You guys, it’s been almost a month. I suck. But seriously, a lot has been going on and I’ll tell you all about it!

1) The Job Front – things are looking up! I’ve had a lot of phone interviews and I’m working with the WONDERFUL staff at PediaStaff. They are rocking my world. I totally recommend contacting them if you’re on the job hunt! I would tell you more about which position I’m most excited about but I’m scared to jinx it – feel free to email me if you want to know more about PediaStaff or the positions they’re helping me with 🙂 I want to tell you guys more about phone interviews and I plan to do so in a blog post or so.

2) The Thesis Front – I should totally be doing edits right now but it’s fiiiine. Ha. I defended and got my thesis passed on Monday! Woo-Woo! I have to have the completed draft in to the Graduate College by Monday the 23rd (which is why I should be working on it…) If you’re working on preparing for a Master’s defense I recommend a powerpoint – it’s the easiest and clearest way to review your whole project and you can make sure you’ve got all your bases covered.

What's that? Oh just my signed thesis.

3) The Externship Front – it has been A WEEK at my externship site. I DO NOT LIKE INPATIENT THERAPY. Don’t. Like. It. Don’t make me do it. Please. Outpatient – I wanna do it all day long. LOVES the outpatient. But my supervisor just started floating between inpatient and outpatient and frankly, I am not comfortable in inpatient and I keep messing crap up. I know I’ll get better because I hate being bad at anything speech-related, but I don’t know that I’ll enjoy it more. My supervisor and I went over my midterm yesterday and she started that most of my skills are “emerging” – which makes perfect sense. It’s halfway through my time there, I’ve never worked in a medical, adult setting before – why would I be perfect at it? I wouldn’t. But it’s still hard to hear. As a group SLPs are kind of perfectionists and any kind of criticism tends to make us run and hide. So if you’re in your first medical setting and you’re not so comfortable my advice to you is, “Take a deep breath and remember – you are still a student. You are green. This is NEW. It is OKAY to not be perfect.”

If your supervisor has told you ten times to stop or start doing something differently and you still haven’t figured it out – that’s a problem. But try to keep in mind that you are there to LEARN.

4) The Life Front – got my car back! Boys suck! I really want to adopt this dog from the APA of Missouri. I don’t think I should get a dog because my life is a disaster but like…she’s so precious.  Her name is Peanut. I’ve seen her twice in person and I just want to put her in my pocket. I loves her. If you want to adopt her please do – and then let me come play with her. I contacted the APA about her so we’ll see, maybe I’ll be making an insane decision here in the near future.

Do you love this puppy or what?

My apartment is a friggin’ disaster. Did you see the picture on the Twitter? I’ll put it here. It’s nutso. And my friend Ellie is coming to crash with me today so I hope she doesn’t mind staying in a pig sty.

This is your brain on grad school

5) The Blogging Front – I just sent in my first blog post for the Hearing Journal so look for that soon! Also I’m working on a post for PediaStaff so look for that too :). And I promise to get back in the swing of things here too.

6) The Professional Front – recently attended Missouri’s Speech-Language-Hearing Association annual convention. We won Quest for the Cup! We are here and rocking your world with our brain power.


As always, I have a lot of thoughts after attending a convention and I’ll get into that later. But please please please please JOIN YOUR STATE ASSOCIATION. I cannot say this enough. DO IT. RIGHT NOW.

Alright I’m outta here. I need to brush my teeth and I’m going to see the Lucky One. It’s going to be terrible.

NP: Matchbox 20 – Push


Unrelated to everything

21 Feb

ImageZoe says “Relax”

mathematics are not in my skill set

6 Jul

I’m rewriting my literature review and it’s making me want to tear my hair out. How am I supposed to know what I want to say? HMMM?

My project initially was going to assess engagement, reminiscence, color photos, and language output. Clearly that would have been an incredible amount of information and I was feeling overwhelmed. So now I’m basically just looking at color photos and language output. However, just enough changed that I have a lot of new researching and editing to do.

My hypothesis: Generic, color photos will prompt more detailed expressive language in people with dementia than black and white, personal photos.

I’m also trying to set up my coding sheet but I can’t figure out how to randomize my photo sequence. My brain is not set up in a way that makes me understand randomization. Or anything mathematical. Or statistical. I can’t for the life of me understand how the television works. Forget the internet – I assume it’s magic (but seriously HOW IS THIS STUFF ALL HERE I DON’T GET IT.) It took me like a week to figure out what the cochlea looks like people, you think telling me to “randomize groups 1 and 2, 3 and 4” is going to just set in? My own hair scared me the other day when it touched my arm – I need someone to hold my hand through this.

Also two clients cancelled yesterday – thank goodness I’m ahead on hours or I’d be in a state of panic. I have enough to panic about. Like the lack of data I’ve collected. For example. And I REALLY need to start stalking nursing homes and coercing them into getting involved in my project but I have company in town and I can’t imagine saying, “Hey wanna get lunch and then drive around town talking to nursing home directors?”

I mean, to me that seems like a hoot, but maybe others aren’t so interested. Thursday meeting with our NSSLHA president to talk about funding for ASHA and a bake sale for Joplin! I think we’re going to eat food while we converse so I’m all about that.

NP: Ingrid Michaelson – Fools Rush In

Oh AND I’m dogsitting. Here are the beasts:

Senor Bowser

Sir Gary

so close i can smell it.

26 Apr

What would the IRB process smell like if it had a smell? I don’t think I want to know.


EEEK I’m getting so close with my IRB!

Currently waiting to hear from my adviser if she’s giving it the “okay” then we’re passing it onto a different member of my Thesis Committee to edit. Once she’s done we’ll ask another faculty member to be on my committee and if they say yes, then THEY’LL edit it and once THAT’S done I’m handing it off to the IRB Committee.

If you’re working on an IRB Approval write-up currently here are some more things to consider: Continue reading

think I figured it out!

31 Mar


4 weeks in December with ECSE

6 weeks in STL SSD with 5-21 year olds

8 weeks in STL Long Term Acute Care Continue reading

it’s really bothering me

9 Mar

that my blog has no color.  I’m adding pictures of my dogs. Because who doesn’t like dogs? (I know those people exist but I try not to acknowledge them). These have nothing to do with speech-language pathology. I just like dogs. And Monty, my guinea pig.


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