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yippee kai-aay

29 Jun

Prospectus approved. Time to collect some data. GAME FACE ON.



29 Jun

As you may know from the previous post, I’m presenting my prospectus today.

I’m wearing a button up because I’m a professional.

I just realized there’s a tiny stain on it that makes it look like you can see the shadow of my right nipple.

Nipples are SUPER professional, I don’t know if you knew that.

My life is a hard hat area.

nervous nervous nervous

29 Jun


Presenting my prospectus to my thesis committee this afternoon and I’m…uh…nervous. Which is silly because I know this project like the back of my hand.


That would be terrible.

Anyway, my prospectus is typed, my contract is printed out, and I just need to do some last minute touch-ups on my powerpoint.

Do you want to know what a master’s thesis prospectus contract looks like? Because last night I got an email from a committee member saying “Don’t forget your contract!” and I said “WHAAAAT?” and I don’t want anyone else to feel so panicked. Here she is:

Yeah that’s right. Nunyaville. You read correctly.

Ok. Time to work on my powerpoint. Think happy thoughts for me.

NP: Regina Spektor – Us


what I should be doing right now

28 Jun

We meet again Tuesday.

I’ve got so much to do! But what am I doing? BLOGGING about what I have to do.

But seriously, my prospectus meeting is tomorrow and my powerpoint is questionable at best. I have two therapy sessions this afternoon that I haven’t prepared for in the least. I’m hungry. Also trying to coordinate student presentations at the annual Pathways conference, organize a bake sale, get my life together for ASHA, and figure out my love life.


This past weekend we had an SLP-STL weekend and it was fabulous. SLPs know how to have a good time.

NP: Just a Kiss – Lady Antebellum

Brewery Tour with some SLPs



26 May

Yesterday it took me about 20 minutes to think of my research question for my prospectus.


Haven’t I been working on this since January? What is wrong with me? Why don’t I know my own research question?

I’ll tell you what’s wrong with me. I’m a speech-path and as such I have to write and rewrite one dang question 900 times to get it just right.

Seriously. It was all, “If…” no, “When” yeah. “When people with..” no. Maybe not. Hmm. Okay. “What are the effects..” Do I really want to use ‘what’? FOCUS. Start in the middle. “Generic versus” no. “Generic and” no. “Generic OR” YES.

For a thousand years this went on.

But here is the final product:

β€œIs there a significant difference in the effect of generic or personal photographs on engagement and reminiscence in people with dementia?”


I’m still not loving it. Why’d I pick “difference in”? Why not “difference between”? If I change it to “between” then “or” has got to go. And while I’m at it, why don’t I just change my name to Esmeralda Flatwagon, move to Idaho, and become a doula?


NP: Infinity Guitars


perspectis? perspectus? prospectis? PROSPECTUS. AHA.

13 May

Year One has come to end. Sort of. It feels like it hasn’t because I’ve started working on my thesis prospectus (can you even imagine how long it took me to spell that correctly?) and I’m trying to find participants and coerce people into being on my committee and I’m writing personal statements for scholarships and I don’t know what my personal and professional goals are leave me alone!

But classes are over and that’s nice.

So to tell you a little bit about the prospectus, because nobody warned me:

1. The prospectus is a presentation to your thesis committee members giving a concise and clear depiction of your project.

2. The prospectus should justify your study. It should answer two questions: (1) what is the purpose? (2) why should we care about the purpose?

3. If your IRB was well-written most of your prospectus can be taken directly from that.

4. It acts as a contract or agreement between you and your committee. You describe your project in full and your committee okays it. The better your prospectus is, the better your committee can help direct you. Your prospectus is a written document detailing what you are AGREEING to do. If you don’t want to do something – you better not prospectize it.

5. The prospectus includes: the rationale, the literature review, the methodology, the projected game plan, and your bibliography.

6. The craziest thing you’ll have to do: provide a list of every search engine you used, the terms you searched, the results from the search, and an explanation of why you chose to use or not use each result. WHAT? WHY? I don’t know. To build character probably.

7. Don’t be so nervous. You know your project better than anyone.

And here is a picture of Monty.

I'm a meatloaf with hair.